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How to maintain the car battery
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Electric old-age scooter is easy to operate, economical and practical advantages of rapid occupation of the vehicle market, by the elderly and the people of mobility inconvenience. However, although it is not a motor vehicle, some of the vehicles are not slow to run, driving up or cautious is wonderful. So, the maintenance of the car battery to pay attention to what is the problem?

First, the car should be based on road traffic

Mainly to less bumpy road. Be sure to slow down when moving uphill, up the bridge, and against the wind. This can avoid the battery super current discharge, reduce the impact of the battery damage, but also increase the battery's endurance and service life. In winter driving a scooter as far as possible not to the maximum horsepower, so as to avoid the low temperature state battery capacity caused by the lack of power, but also conducive to extend the battery life.

Second, timely charge

The vehicle should not be in a state of loss during storage. In the deficient electricity condition depositing the battery very easy to appear sulfates, the sulfuric acid lead crystal attaches on the plate, has blocked the electric ion channel, causes the insufficient charge, the battery capacity drops, the loss electricity state idle time longer, the battery damage is more serious. Therefore, when the scooter is idle, it should also be replenished once a month, so as to keep the battery healthy.

Third, avoid large current discharge

Electric scooter In the start, manned, uphill to avoid the instantaneous large current discharge. High current discharge can lead to the crystallization of lead sulfate, which can damage the physical properties of the battery.

IV. Mastering the charging time correctly

In the use of transport vehicles, should be based on the actual situation difficult to grasp the charging time, reference to normal use frequency and mileage, but also pay attention to the size of the battery manufacturers to provide a description, as well as the performance of the charger, the size of charging current parameters to grasp the frequency of charging. In general, the battery charge at night, the average charge time in about 8 hours. If the shallow discharge (after charging the mileage is very short), the battery will soon be filled, continue to charge will appear overcharge phenomenon, resulting in battery dehydration, fever, reduce battery life. Therefore, the battery with a discharge depth of 60%. 70% when the best electricity, the actual use can be converted into riding mileage, according to the actual situation to carry out the necessary charge to avoid the harm of charging.


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