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Electric scooter Old man's main tool for future travel
Date: 2017/8/15 Publisher: 环讯传媒 Hits: 749

With the aging of China's population increasing, the future consumption of the elderly population, demand in the social market total consumption, total demand accounted for a growing share and proportion. Can imagine the future of society is the scene of the silver-haired population, become the mainstream of social concern, including electric scooter will be assisted by the life of the silver-haired family more easily convenient products or daily necessities, it will become a new industry development of the blue Sea.

In recent years, electric scooter, electric wheelchair has been more and more favored by the Silver clan. The use of electric scooter has the advantage of improving safety, increasing efficiency and enhancing independence. But there are still a lot of old people think "use electric scooter, electric wheelchair is disabled", "I drive electric scooter others will say I am old", with electric scooter is troublesome and waste and so on.

The old people first have to embrace the fact that the body bone is aging, and the idea of "using the electric accessory is quite natural as a tool in everyday life" is not to worry that others will look at themselves differently, instead, starting with the "control of the use of electric accessories to regain the lives of the silver-haired clan", I feel that I am still an independent individual, like the old man with electric scooter and electric wheelchair in the street, still able to do many things that I used to like to do or often do. Life has become rich and interesting.


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