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Electric scooter a good helper for elderly patients with bone and joint travel
Date: 2017/8/15 Publisher: 环讯传媒 Hits: 971

Electric scooter can be said to be the best electric accessory for the aged patients with bone joint. For patients with osteoarthritis, because of the pain of the disease makes it difficult to walk, such as climbing, hiking these sports items you must also stay away. Swimming, Tai chi and so do not need weight-bearing exercise can be attended. The daily life travel is essential, if oneself or the objective condition does not allow, we suggest you choose to use the electric scooter to go out as the transportation tool.

Electric scooter is suitable for old people to use, can from your elevator directly open to the range of mileage anywhere, so as to effectively reduce the knee and hip joint load, reduce wear and tear, while the park's beautiful scenery will bring you a happy mood. Patients with bone and joint disease should pay attention to exercise, less squat or squat exercise, the upper and lower floors can take the elevator does not take the stairs, do not go to fitness equipment on the half knee kick movement, otherwise it will accelerate the degeneration, aggravating the illness. The best way to exercise is to swim, not only to exercise the joints, but also not to wear joints. Electric scooter can take you to the morning market, the supermarket, the park, it is like the bone joint patient's cane, where you want to go it will take you to where.


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