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Five notes to help you use a good electric scooter
Date: 2017/8/15 Publisher: 环讯传媒 Hits: 2592

Electric scooter in modern society, has become the elderly and disabled people indispensable means of travel. But many users often ignore the electric scooter battery maintenance, affect the service life, affect the mood of travel. The following for the electric scooter users, finishing five points of attention, I hope you use electric scooter help.

1, the new purchase of electric scooter should be sufficient electricity before use. Because the electric scooter factory when the battery storage electricity is virtual electricity, can not run nominal mileage. Therefore, it is necessary to use sufficient electricity before using, which will help to activate the best performance of the battery.

2. After the battery is removed to recharge, the battery is installed on the electric scooter to prevent the battery from vibration damage during the ride. The battery is in the handling, avoid throwing, tumbling, heavy pressure.

3, often remove the dust and dirt on the battery cover, pay attention to keep the battery dry and clean, in case of abnormal heat and short circuit.

4, can not let the battery excessive discharge, absolutely can not let the battery in a long-term state of low power, not to complete the battery consumption and then recharge, so that the shallow charge. Long-term use, every two weeks fully charged once, full of electricity placed in a cool dry place.

5, avoid excessive charge, when the charger shows full power to stop charging, can not be plugged into the night, or even one or two days without pulling down. Overcharge will cause the plate active substances to harden off, and produce water loss and battery deformation, affecting the battery life, and even produce fire and other security risks.


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