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How many parts can a wheelchair be divided into?
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How many parts can a wheelchair be divided into? About Dream Car industry introduction


The big round should have the brake each round, certainly like the hemiplegia can only use one hand, had to use one hand to brake, but also may install lengthens the pole, the control side brakes. There are two kinds of brakes: (1) concave-type brakes. This brake is safe and reliable, but more laborious. The adjustment on the ramp can also be stopped, if the transfer to level 1 on the ground can not be stopped as a failure. (2) Elbow-joint brakes. By using the lever principle, the mechanical advantages of the brake are stronger than the notch brake, but the failure is faster. In order to increase the patient's braking force, often on the brakes to lengthen the rod, but this rod is easy to damage, if not often check will affect safety.

Chair seat

Its height, depth and width depend on the patient's body size, and its material texture depends on the disease. General Deep 41, 43cm, Width 40, 46cm, high 45, 50cm.

Foot brackets and leg brackets

The legs can be split across two sides, or on both sides, both of which are ideal for swinging to one side and detachable. Pay attention to the height of the foot bracket. The foot is too high, then the flexion hip angle is too big, the weight is added in the sitting knot node more, easily causes the pressure sore in the place.


The backrest has a height and can be tilted and not inclined. If the patient to the trunk balance and control better, can choose the wheelchair with low back, so that the patient has a greater degree of activity. Instead, choose a high back wheelchair.


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