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Health care for the elderly
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Get Up chair supplier introduction of old people's foot-care method

Dry cleaning feet

With both hands tightly to the thigh root, a little force from the thigh root massage down the ankles, and then from the ankles back massage the thigh root. Massage the other leg in the same way. Repeat $number. This can make joints flexible, leg muscle strength, but also prevent varicose veins, lower limbs edema and muscle atrophy.

Throw your legs.

A hand-held tree or a wall, first swinging the calf forward, so that the toes forward upwards, and then swinging back, the toe force back, foot taut, the legs straight. Two legs rotate swinging, each jilt $number is advisable. This method can prevent lower limb atrophy, weakness, or numbness of legs, leg cramps and other disorders.

Rub your legs.

Pinch the calf with both hands, rotate and rub, rub the $number time, and then rub the legs. This method can dredge blood veins, strengthen the strength of the legs, to prevent leg aches and fatigue.

Twisted Knee

Two feet parallel to each other, knees slightly downward squat, hands on the knees, clockwise twist count 10 times, and then counterclockwise twist. This method can dredge the blood veins, the treatment of lower limbs fatigue, knee pain and so on.

Rubbing feet

Rub your hands and rub them with your hands and knead them 100 times each. This method has the function of nourishing kidney water, reducing fire, dispersing liver eyesight and so on. , but also to prevent hypertension, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, foot aches and so on.


At night before falling asleep, can lie on the bed, both hands tightly holding back, from slow to urgent kick movement, each can do 3 minutes.


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