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What kind of wheelchair should seniors use?
Date: 2017/7/8 Publisher: hx Hits: 639

Although some elderly people can walk, but because of joint pain, hemiplegia go not far, or the body is weak, walk up the road to the degree of effort as healthy people do exercise, asthma hush Hush, this time do not disobey the old, refused to take a wheelchair.

The old people's response is not as sensitive as the young, and the hand control is weaker, experts suggest that the best use of manual wheelchair, do not recommend the use of electric wheelchairs. If an elderly person is unable to stand, it is best to opt for a detachable armchair, and the caregiver will not have to pick up the old man and move from the wheelchair side to lighten the burden.

The mind is clear, the hand is more sensitive old person, may consider using electric wheelchair, this is most convenient to travel.

Elderly electric scooter manufacturers recommend that because of the poor circulation of diabetes or long time to sit in wheelchairs, the risk of bedsore is higher, need to add a cushion or latex cushion on the seat, dispersing pressure, so as to avoid prolonged sitting pain or have a stuffy feeling.


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