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What is the old man's scooter?
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Old car, also known as old-age electric car, old-age scooter, elderly bicycle, is the elderly outdoor travel

Ideal vehicle for transportation. Its performance is relatively stable, the speed is slow, use electricity need not refuel, it is also known as environmental protection old car, the elderly electric vehicles used in a lot of energy, mainly lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid colloid batteries), Ni-MH batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-iron batteries, lithium-ion batteries (often referred to as lithium batteries), fuel cells and so on. The battery converts chemical energy directly into electricity by electrochemical means. It does not pass through the heat engine process, therefore is not limited by the Carnot cycle, the energy conversion efficiency is high ($number), almost does not produce NOx and SOX emissions.

The current market appears a variety of sell of the so-called "old-age scooter", not only confused with the elderly friends of the audio-visual, but also to the elderly driving the safety of the disabled, the Government has issued relevant policies and regulations, prohibit these "old-age scooter" on the road.

In strict sense, the real elderly electric scooter products should be from the original belonging to the medical device category of electric wheelchair evolution, product design more suitable for the elderly, disabled driving habits. And the application of people from the former electric wheelchair disabled group extended to the vast number of elderly people with inconvenience. Product design and production refer to the national standard of electric bicycles and the national standards of electric wheelchairs, in some parameters are even more stringent than the above 2 national standards, speed design within 10 km/h, vehicle chassis height in 8cm, brake braking distance within 0.5 meters, from all aspects are superior to the original electric wheelchair vehicle, is the evolution of electric wheelchair vehicles upgraded models, to meet the majority of elderly friends travel needs, while providing a more comprehensive security.

The difference between old-age scooter and electric electric car

Old-Age scooter manufacturers

Many electric cars sell electric cars as elderly scooters. But in fact, electric cars and old-age scooters are completely different from their appearance and safety systems.

Electric cars must be driving on the road

Electric cars must be driving on the road

And the old-age scooter does not need a licence and a driver's license on the road. Many businesses will be electric vehicles as old-age car to customers, the result of the elderly bought a car after the road by traffic police caught. So in the car must remember that electric cars are not old-age scooter.


The general old-age scooter is composed of battery, electric hub, controller, charger, four parts and body parts. For the safety has higher requirements of the Taiwan manufacturers, according to the design of the vehicle design ideas for the whole, the vehicle is generally divided into the power supply system, the front axle, rear axle, controller, frame and other parts.

Because the current lithium-ion cost is relatively high, the general manufacturers are using lead-acid batteries, generally by a group of batteries from a number of 12V battery series into a battery pack, as a power supply system. According to the relevant state regulations, electric vehicle voltage shall not exceed 48V;

Motor Hub is divided into: there is a brush teeth high-speed electric wheels (referred to as high-speed motor or audio motor), brush-free low-speed electric wheels (referred to as low-speed Motor or silent motor) and brushless program motor (motor);


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